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OK my fellow book addicts, great news to share. Yesterday I submitted my finished manuscript, The Beginning, to my publisher. Its going to the editor today. I'm hoping that it may be out in time for Christmas, if not it'll be January.


I saw a fun quizz on the internet the other day, of course it caught my attention as it was word play related. It really made me stop and think as I had never before heard some of the words. Do you know the meaning of the following words?


See how you do:


1/  Fond of company, a social individual           a.  Gregarious

                                                                       b.   Perceptive


2/ Bendable; able to be manipulated without breaking

                                                                        a. Malleable



3/ To be deciphered or understood only by a few

                                                                         a. Ancient

                                                                         b. Arcane


4/ Wicked to an extreme, malicious

                                                                         a. Nefarious

                                                                         b. Pedantic


5/ Bombilate                                                a.  loud humming/buzzing

                                                                    b. to repeatedly bomb


6/ Jargogle                                                  a. To confuse or jumble

                                                                     b. to run under water


7/ Lubitorium                                                a. lubricating device

                                                                      b. a service station


8/ Abusion                                           a. Misuse; outrage;deception

                                                            b. cut; bruise; open wound


9/ Characterized by a narow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules.

                                                             a. Pedantic

                                                             b. Pediatric



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