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Someone asked me recently if I had any prior writing experience. Actually the answer is No. I don't. I've never written articles or written for magazines, nor, have I taken any writing/literature courses. Like I have mentioned before, I just read alot. I devour between 3-5 books a week. I have always loved to read and did well in high school and college in English language. I also do many crossword puzzles which helps to keep the brain active.


I've decided to add another part to this next book as it will then leave it open to introduce the third book. So, please be patient, I'm gonna make it a good one, but it takes time. Then of course there's the publishing angle. I'd like to get in with a good publishing house, as I find that writing as well as marketing my books is damn hard work! Ideally I'd like to just beable to concentrate on writing as I really do love it.

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