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Another figure of speech

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my fellow book worms! You know how I enjoy the English Language, well I found a figure of speech that I had not heard of;  HOMONYMN- what is it?

A Homonymn is a word that has two completely different meanings. Here are a few examples to give you an idea:


Tire:        a rubber wheel           to become exhausted


Fire:         smoke and flames       to lose one's job


Lead:        to show the way          a heavy metal


Bear:         an animal                    to carry a burden


Tear:         eye fluid                    to rip apart


Fine:          not coarse                  a monetary penalty


File :         to arrange alphabetically        a tool to smoothen a surface



I often sit reading through my Thesaurus. What a wonderful tool, there is so much information in there, not only can you expand your vocabulary, learn the meaning of words, find alternate words for a particular word, you can also learn about figures of speech. The Engish language is complex! A dictionary doesn't always give you the information that you need.


Thesaurus is latin for "treasure house".

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