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Made in England, a long long time ago!

About Fiona

I was born and raised in England, where I graduated from High School and I went to nursing school to become a Psychiatric Registerd Nurse. Not long after graduating nursing school I made the decision to move to the United States, this is now over twenty years ago. I continued my career in the mental health arena, but couldn't practice as an RN so was forced to work as a mental health tech, before going into the marketing side of mental health. The last few years of my working life I worked at local veterinarians' clinics. I have always been a huge animal lover, doing wildlife rescue and rehab & release, plus I owned a mini farm for a few years before ill health made it difficult for me to continue with work or taking care of the animals. I have been extremely fortunate to have shared a part of my life with many wonderful animals. I truly miss them. Having always been an avid reader right from the time I learned how to read, many many different types of books have passed through my hands, preferring a book over TV anyday ! At any one time I have at least 15 books stacked on my bedside table waiting to be read. Because of my love for books, I had often thought about writing a book myself, but the timing and opportunity never really arose. It wasn't until I was forced to stop working that I realized that now I had the opportunity and time to do so. I just needed a storyline and genre. This was offered to me via a very dear friend of mine who was actually in the CIA at one time. So, I started to ask my questions, took notes and gathered information. The basic skeleton of the book is based on true life experiences, I filled out the rest with my imagination. Actually I found that once I had gathered all of my information, writing the book was pretty easy, finishing it in 4 months. I decided to go the self publishing route as it would get my book out there quicker and I would see what sort of a reaction I got from fellow readers. So far It's been really good, everyone seems to enjoy it. I never entered into this with the expectation to make my millions, I just wanted to share my joy of writing and hopefully bring the same enjoyment to fellow readers.

I live a quiet and private life in northeast Alabama with my wonderful husband and our family of four-legged children.

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